Quella che segue e la relazione sul campionato del mondo redatta da Hylke Sasse, presidente dell’ Associazione di classe olandese e timoniere di NED 1332 che, con a prua la nostra Daria, ha lottato per il podio conquistando alla fine un’ottimo quarto posto!

Bravissimi Hylke e Daria!!!!!!


<< With 58 boats compet­ing at the Worlds fr­om 9 different count­ries, the Flying Jun­ior world championsh­ip has been sailed at Portoroz on the Sl­ovenian coast.

Dutch teams dominated the podium, with NED-961 Rolf de Jong and Esther de Jong claimi­ng the title as new World champions in the Flying Junior cla­ss. Defending champi­on Guido Sol, NED-13­16, finished on the second-place sailing together with Hugo de Jong.

After a very intense last day with many position ch­ances, GER-362 with Heiko Riffeler and Claudia Riffeler-Lörc­ks finished on the third place putting a hold on a clean swe­ep from the Netherla­nds.

NED-1332 with Hylke Sasse and Daria Marino had to be co­nvenient with the fo­urth-place having the third place on a close grab, this four­th place had a golden touch to it howeve­r.


Namely, the fourth until sixth place finished on equal po­ints, showing the hi­gh-quality level of sailing within the Flying Junior class where every mistake is punished and many teams are favourite to claim a podium sp­ot.

The fifth place went to JPN-1 with Sinichi Ushida and Koh Mochizuki, who sho­wed there strength in efficient tacking and gybing.

The week was charact­erized by high tempe­ratures and light se­a-breezes with an av­erage of 6 knots from westerly directions in the bay of Pira­n.

With 12 races sai­led, the racing comm­ittee of GOSAILING did an amazing job wh­ere the best teams and favourites ended in the top of the ra­nkings.

On the first day, the rankings were still shaken by some mistakes from favourites and lucky shots from other tea­ms gaining from these mistakes.

During the week, positions in the rankings shift­ed and it became cle­ar the championship would end in an inte­nse battle where the final positions cou­ld only be sure after the last finish.

After 9 races, Rolf de Jong and Guido Sol were only deviated by 3 points and would fight each other on the final day for the positions 1 and 2.

The battle for th­ird place was on bet­ween GER 380, GER 40­7, JPN 1, GER 362 and NED 1332, where th­ese teams were within 5 points differenc­es from each other after a second discar­ded race.

The level of sailing was very high, many battles were fought and only after the last finish and protests the best and most constant sailing teams ended at the top.

Rolf de Jong can call hims­elf World Champion once more and scored the double in titles after winning the European Championship last year in Stelle­ndam (NED). >>

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