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Welcome to Brenzone

Brenzone is one of the most famous locations on Lake Garda. A short distance from Malcesine, it can be reached in a few minutes by car from Riva del Garda and Torbole, if you come from the north, or from Bardolino and Lazise from the south.

Brenzone does not have a real center, but is composed of various hamlets according to a distribution that responds to specific economic needs: the settlements on the water are inhabited by those who carry out activities related to it, in the corresponding mountain districts reside those who live on the earth.

The hamlets on the lake are very suggestive and have beautiful marinas surrounded by colorful houses that offer beautiful views of the lake.

Beyond the hamlets located on the lakefront, there are the districts located in a panoramic position, the hamlet of Campo is the most famous.

It can be reached with a short excursion starting directly from the lake.

In this stone village of medieval origin, swallowed up by the woods and pervaded by a unique atmosphere, the houses leaning against each other and dominated by the remains of a fortress suddenly appear, among centuries-old olive trees and dense woods.

The small church of Sant'Antonio can be reached on foot from Castelletto, about 20 minutes and is located in the hamlet of Biaza.

The entrance opens on the south side of the church where there is a fourteenth-century fresco with the image of St. Christopher carrying the baby Jesus on his shoulder.

Discover Brenzone and the other places on Lake Garda and enjoy all it has to offer.

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